Yingying Yu

Software Engineer

Hello! My name is Yingying and I graduated from Cornell university this past summer with a Dual Master’s degree in Computer Science and Applied Economics. During my master program, I have two main research experiences, respectively related to Machine Learning and Robotics. In a machine learning project, I applied machine learning techniques with team members to predict the power-plant air emissions in New York State. I conducted the complete machine learning research workflow including data collection, algorithm model comparison, feature engineering, A/B testing, time-series cross validation, hyper-parameter tuning, and performance evaluation. This project won Top Prize in EmPOWER Air Data Challenge and the results will be published by next year. In the robotics project, we’re developing sign-perceiving navigation systems for self-guiding robots in spaces designed for humans, collaborating with Cornell Graphics and Vision Group. I wrote scripts for robots with functions including position recording, path planning, motion execution, environment sensing, and trajectory correction, and the scripts were tested on a real Anki Vector robot demonstrating full functionality. I also presented the complete work at the conference Robotics Science and Systems 2020. Despite, I also have software development experience in mobile development, game development and web development etc. I joined Pagame in September in the Engineering team, responsible for Web API implementation. In my spare time, I like working out and swimming.