Jaime Barrenechea


Jaime is an eager Wharton Student in his Junior year with a knack for critical thinking and analysis that complements a strong drive for success and an attention for detail. His time at Wharton has offered him the ability to satiate my academic curiosity and provide personal growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Leveraging the knowledge and experience gained over the past years, Jaime sought to co-found BTB Capital Partners, and the 25th national chapter of Consult Your Community. BTB Capital Partners is a small investment fund, created by five peers focused on investing in equity and equity derivatives listed on public markets. The latter, Consult Your Community, is a recognized club that offers pro-bono consulting services to small companies and start-ups across the United States. Professionally, Jaime has had internships that have fostered foster development and skills such as financial modeling, risk analysis, and deal underwriting and thorough research. My internships include Summer Analyst at LMT Investments, Administrative Assistant at the Wharton Doctoral Program, and Research Assistant in the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. Jaime is an incoming Summer Associate for The Boston Consulting Group. Finally, I am fluent in both English and Spanish and have proficiency in Microsoft Suite and JMP.